13 Reason Why actor in transition to becoming a woman

Tommy Dorfman
Instagram Tommy Dorfman

“I am actually myself,” Tommy Dorfman comments simply.

Star of 13 Reasons Why, the actor Tommy Dorfman announces on Instagram that she is in transition to becoming a woman. He who played the student Ryan Shaver for 18 episodes over the 4 seasons of the teen drama Netflix has confided his coming out trans through a message where he admits to being “identified and lived as a woman in private“in the past 12 months.

“Today I see it as a reintroduction of myself into the world as a woman, having made a medical transition. Coming out is always considered a big eye-opener, but in fact I have never been in hiding. Hui, this is a matter of clarity: I am a trans woman. My pronouns are she / her (elle). My name is Tommy. “

So Tommy describes his transition as something of “handsome“, and would like to use his Instagram as a”time capsule like a diary “, to show his “living body in a more fluid space (…) It is not a transition“, she continues. “Or it is, but not as an idea to go somewhere. Just that I am actually.”

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