14 years after The Wire, “I want to believe in the redemption of Marlo”

The Wire Marlo

Actor Jamie Hector is at Series Mania this week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cult series.

He admits it bluntly: 14 years after the conclusion of TheWirepeople still call him Marlo when they come across Jamie Hector in the street ! Iconic Drug Lord from the series of david simon (Bugged en VF) for three seasons, he established himself as one of the greatest villains in the history of television.

While the Series Mania 2022 festival celebrates the 20th anniversary of the series this week (launched on June 2, 2002 in the United States), we were able to cross paths with Jamie Hectorwho came to present David Simon’s new creation, We Own This City. Here he is back on the streets of Baltimore, but without Marlo. So, what has become of Marlo Stanfield since the end of TheWire ? What is he doing today?

The Series Mania 2022 festival village is open and full of surprises

When asked the question, the 46-year-old actor burst out laughing: “Where is he today? Definitely involved in some shady thing… No, actually, I personally believe in the power of redemption. So as Jamie Hector, from a very personal point of view, I want to believe it. I hope he is working to recognize his faults, to right the wrongs he has caused. That he strives to contribute to a better world…” entrust us first Jamie Hectorbefore continuing… more realistic:

“Really, you want to know what he’s definitely doing? Marlo is probably adapting his game to the changing society. I think he’s gotten his foot in the American corporate world, understanding that he can make money legally Real estate like: ‘There’s land to take here. I’m going to make people pay!’ One way or another, I see it surreptitiously infiltrating, like this, into the legal world…

In the meantime, it’s not Marlo but the Baltimore police who will sow chaos in the city of Maryland, in We Own this Citythe new series by David Simon based on a true story, to see from April 26 in France, on OCS.

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