$150 million for Top Gun 2! Tom Cruise hits the clouds at the US box office

Maverick should even afford the historic record of Memorial Day weekend.

Despite his Impossible mission and other Minority Reportnever in his entire career, never Tom Cruise had the honors of a $100 million opening weekend. This time it’s the right one! Top Gun: Maverickreleased Friday in the USA, is exploding the scores.

In 4,735 theaters – the widest distribution in North American history – Top Gun 2 has accumulated $ 124 million at the US box office this Sunday evening, according to Paramount. Let the best score of Tom Cruise. Hands down, since his best start dated back to War of the Worldsin 2005, with 65 million dollars.

When Taylor Lautner (Twilight) was supposed to be the star of Top Gun 2

And since it’s a long weekend in the United States, since Monday is a holiday (it’s Memorial Day, a day dedicated to soldiers who died in combat in all wars), maverick will continue to touch the clouds: it should complete its launch at a stratospheric 151 million dollars in 4 days!

Driven by enormous expectation due to numerous postponements (related to COVID) and by excellent reviews, Top Gun 2 even still has a slim chance of becoming the highest-grossing Memorial Day weekend of all time, a record held so far by Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End ($153 million in 2007).

Answer Monday evening, when all the tickets have been counted.

Waiting, Top Gun: Maverick easily takes control of the US box office, while Doctor Strange 2 is in freefall. The latest Marvel is nearing the end of its journey and totals $350 million across the Atlantic, but above all $815 million internationally, officially becoming the biggest success of 2022 ahead of The Batman.

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