2.15 million admissions for the Printemps du Cinéma

During the last edition, in 2019, 3 million tickets had been sold.

The Spring of Cinema 2022 and its reduced prices of 4 euros per cinema ticket worked well, without breaking a record. On Sunday March 20, 1 million entries were recorded, reveals the FNCF, relayed by The French Movie. Then 550,000 more spectators made the trip on Monday, and 600,000 on Tuesday, or 2.15 million tickets collected in three days.

“Attendance increased by nearly +70% compared to Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of the previous week, returning to the pre-crisis accelerator effect, analyzes the National Federation of French Cinemas, which therefore considers the event a success. The very good weather in certain regions, notably in Paris, limited these good results, but we note that the spectators were particularly numerous in the North, North-East and South-East of our country, where admissions doubled by compared to the three days of last week.”

However, this 22nd edition of Printemps du Cinéma remains below the previous ones: if those of 2020 and 2021 had been canceled due to the Covid epidemic, that of 2019 had recorded 3 million admissions. It is also down compared to 2018 (3.15 million) and 2017 (2.78). In 2016, on the other hand, the Printemps du Cinéma had sold 2.2 million countermarks, almost as many as the 2022 edition.

In detail, when we look at the French weekly rankings, films like The Batman, Retirement home and Building permit maintained the same attendance as last week thanks to these reduced rates, whileUncharted and Despite himself superheroes gained audiences: +24% for the adventure film with Tom Holland (i.e. 248,000 admissions) and +29% for the comedy by Philippe Lacheau (78,544 tickets sold this week). The Batman thus remains at the top of the top thanks to 600,000 more countermarks, and has accumulated nearly 2.5 million admissions in three weeks.

Finally, the FNCF is taking advantage of this report to announce the dates of the next Cinema Festival. Again, tickets will be 4 euros (excluding special screenings, in 3D, etc.), and it will be held from Sunday 3 to Wednesday 6 July 2022.

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