20 years later, Orlando Bloom still knows how to shoot archery like Legolas

The actor proves it in video, on Instagram.

Almost 20 years ago (The Fellowship of the Ring was released precisely in France on December 19, 2001), Orlando bloom became a world star thanks to his role as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings, followed soon after by another successful saga: Pirates of the Caribbean (2003). For the shooting of the three films of Peter Jackson, the actor underwent intensive training, in particular to learn how to shoot with an arch, in order to be comfortable during the action scenes of his character. And he has retained his archery skills over the years, as he proves in this video posted on Instagram at the end of July. Two decades later, “I still have the technique”, the 44-year-old actor has fun on his account. Indeed, he shoots an arrow right on target, followed by a second:

Orlando Bloom: “I owe everything to Legolas”

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