20 years of Harry Potter: JK Rowling will finally be in Return to Hogwarts

20 years of Harry Potter: JK Rowling will finally be in Return to Hogwarts

The author of the novels appears in archive footage and is mentioned by the cast of the first film.

The dissemination of Return to Hogwarts (Back to Hogwarts) is approaching (meet on January 2 on Salto) and contrary to what was initially announced by Warner Bros., this special program dedicated to the 20 years of Harry potter at the cinema will evoke well Jk rowling, reveals Digital spy.

The author of the novels is strongly criticized lately for having made transphobic comments in interviews and on social networks, which has also reacts several actors of the saga, like Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione) or Eddie Redmayne (Norbert Dragonneau, the hero of Fantastic animals). When the studio communicated the cast of this reunion, she was not on the list, and indeed, she does not participate in the discussion at the heart of the show. On the other hand, it will be present in archive images, telling of the difficulties in finding the ideal interpreter of Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe also talks about her work as a writer, explaining: “I believe that today, we forget that at the time we spoke of ‘the death of reading'”. Hagrid’s interpreter Robbie Coltrane adds: “One of the reasons I admire JK so much is that millions of people who weren’t interested in reading read his books and discovered the power of writing.”

Difficult to organize a reunion around Harry potter without citing its creator, and JK Rowling will therefore be clearly visible in Return to Hogwarts. Here’s the trailer for the show:

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