200 meters: A political and social thriller of rare intensity [critique]

The birth of a director to watch closely: Ameen Nayfeh

200 meters is the distance between Mustafa (Ali Suliman, impressive) and his wife, installed with their three children on the other side of this wall built by Israel from 2002. Almost every evening, on the Palestinian side, Mustafa says goodnight to his children (who go to school in Israel) by flashing a flashlight. And almost every day, when he has to go there, he has to show a white leg (identity card, work permit …) and go through the checkpoint filter. An obstacle course that is a mission impossible in the absence of the required papers. This is precisely what Mustafa is going to have to go through this morning when, learning that his son has had an accident, he discovers that his expired identity card does not allow him to join him. Only one solution is then imposed on him: to call on smugglers. Then begins a road movie with stifling tension where each of the illegals (including a German documentary filmmaker) embarked on this journey of all dangers is wary of others, seen as so many possible traitors. Who to believe? Who can you trust when your life hangs by a thread, between possible fraudulent smugglers and the Israeli military on the teeth? For his first feature film, Ameen Nayfeh shows an insane sense of suspense to tell of daily oppression by pushing to the limit the absurd logic of the situation in this corner of the world where the word peace seems to be wiped off the map for a long time. again. Great, very great political cinema.

Of Ameen Nayfeh. With Ali Suliman, Anna Unterberger, Lana Zreik … Duration: 1h37. Released on June 9, 2021

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