24 Hours Chrono comeback is “actively” considered by Fox


What if Jack Bauer makes a comeback? Still ?

The experts will be resuming the air this fall … So why not 24 Hours Chrono ? Fox’s iconic action series would have a good chance of being resurrected in turn, Deadline reports. The site announces that “active creative discussions“are currently underway to bring back 24 with Kiefer Sutherland in the first role!

“There is still a possibility, there are still discussions with the producers, to address a plot point of view that we have not yet dealt with …” Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn said before insisting: “There is a lot of active creative discussion going on right now.”

One wonders what storylines or points of view haven’t been told by the franchise yet 24, which still has nearly 200 episodes, across 8 seasons … to which has already been added a revival! Because we must remember that in 2014, four years after the official end of the show, Jack Bauer had already made a comeback in Live Another Day, mini-series in 12 episodes, little followed at the time.

In the process, the Fox before attempted to extend the franchise in 2017, with 24: Legacy, a spin-off without Bauer, and carried by a new kid played by Corey Hawkins. Again without success, since the new series had been canceled after only a short season.

Suddenly, we wonder if, four years later, there is really still public interest in 24 Heures Chrono. Corn Kiefer Sutherland is not at the peak of his career. He would certainly be available and ready to get his gun out. Designated Survivor canceled, he had tried to bounce back by replaying The fugitive for the small Quibi platform. But it was a flop and Quibi closed the shop altogether. The Canadian actor should be back in the light very soon, in the historic series The First Lady, in which he will play President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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