28 years after Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks, Robert Zemeckis and Eric Roth team up again to adapt Here

An original comic book telling multiple stories set in the same room over time.

The fans of Forrest Gump have something to be happy about! A few hours ago, we found its main interpreter, Tom Hanksat the heart of the trailer ofElvisby Baz Luhrmann, an emblematic musician in American history, who happened to meet Forrest as a child in the 1994 film. This time, the star plays his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, for the director of Red Mill !. Hardly this video unveiled that we learn by Deadline that Hanks will also soon find Robert Zemeckis and Eric Roththe director and screenwriter of Gump for a new project, Here.

the comic book Here, by Richard McGuire

It will be an adaptation of the comic Right hereby Richard McGuire, huge critical success in 2014. It all started in 1989, when the author and cartoonist published six black and white plates in the magazine Raw to present his concept: to tell multiple stories taking place in the same place, an apartment in New Jersey, at different times. He had this idea shortly after moving into this new place to live, wondering who had lived there before him. Taking up this starting point in the early 2010s, he extended it over several hundred pages, and this time in color. Thus, his comic strip, fragmented into many stories told without narrative continuity, takes place between -3.5 million years and the year 22175.

A particularly rich universe, therefore, which will soon become a film directed by Zemeckis from a script by Roth and carried by Hanks. Either the three Oscar-winning artists in the mid-1990s for Forrest Gump. The American site does not specify what role the actor will play in Herewhich will be co-produced by Playtone, the company of Hanks and his partner Gary Goetzman and ImageMovers, that of Zemeckis founded in 1997. Given the concept, however, it could be that he simply embodies the author of the comic book, then that he is surrounded by dozens of other actors to bring his stories to life (unless they are animated? We should know more soon).

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