5 things you didn’t know about Guillaume Canet

Guillaume Canet Rock'n Roll

The director of Rock’n Roll is not only the horse riding enthusiast who shares the life of Marion Cotillard.

On the occasion of the rebroadcast of Rock’n roll on W9, a look back at 5 little-known anecdotes about its actor, screenwriter and director, Guillaume Canet.

He started by writing sketches for Franck Dubosc

“I started in this profession by co-writing Franck Dubosc’s stand-ups with Philippe Lefebvre, at the very start of his career, long before he was known. It was a bit twisted, offbeat humor, squeaky “, he revealed to First.

He starred in the sitcom First Kisses

Like Laurent Lafitte or Julie Gayet, he made a stealthy appearance in First Kisses. It was her very first role in front of the camera and it was in 1993.

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He has a bad memory of The beach

Adaptation of Alex Garland’s bestseller with Leonardo DiCaprio, The beach is the film that launched its international career in 2000, its biggest box office success as well. Yet the experience left him with a bitter taste. “I made auteur films, and then I had the good fortune – or bad luck – to shoot Danny Boyle’s Beach. The comeback was terrible. I had become a handsome guy in a bathing suit with nothing in the ciboulot “, he regretted afterwards in Madame Figaro.

He has tocs

Despite a smooth image – which he debuts in Rock’n roll – Guillaume Canet is not a nice boy. “I have always liked situations which are on the verge of twisting”, he confided to First. Before remembering a lunch with his in-laws at the time when he was 18: “They were very bourgeois people and I developed an OCD – because yes, I have OCDs – where I saw the moment when I was going to touch her breasts, just to see the reaction it was going to cause to table! (…) It becomes super dangerous, before I only imagined situations that get out of hand: now I’m starting to say or do things that provoke funny reactions. “

He committed a robbery when he was (very) young

At the age of 10, little Guillaume robbed a bakery with a plastic gun in his hand and a hood over his head to get croissants. An improbable anecdote he told in the columns of Public.

Guillaume Canet: “Rock’n Roll is a way of saying ‘not even bad'”

The story of Rock’n roll : Guillaume Canet, 43 years old, is fulfilled in his life, he has everything to be happy. On a shoot, a pretty 20-year-old actress will stop him in his tracks, by teaching him that he is not very rock , that he has never really been, and to finish him off, that he has fallen a lot in the list of actors that we would like to type … His family life with Marion, his son, his country house, his horses, give him an old-fashioned and more really sexy image… Guillaume understood that it was urgent to change everything. And he will go far, very far, under the dumbfounded and helpless gaze of those around him.

The trailer for Rock’n roll :

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