7 Questions The Walking Dead Endgame Will Have To Answer

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There are only 8 episodes left. The countdown is on to finally give answers to these mysteries launched over the seasons…

While we have just passed the two-thirds mark of the final season, The Walking Dead still has a lot of answers to deliver, in its last 8 episodes. Part 3 of season 11 will be broadcast in the fall and will mark the first conclusion of the saga, while waiting for the famous films about Rick Grimes. Suffice to say that we expect a lot in the last 400 minutes of the series! Spoiler alert!

Where is Rick Grimes?

Obviously, this is THE central question that has been bothering fans since his departure in season 9. We can’t imagine for a second that The Walking Dead can end without giving the slightest clue to the location of his hero and especially the reasons that keep him away from the house where his children, Judith and RJ, are still waiting for him!

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The Walking Dead, season 11: new revelations about the final part

What does Michonne make?

After following Virgil at the start of season 10, and realizing that his sheriff was still alive, she embarked on an impromptu rescue mission, without even looking back… where her son remained! Michonne also has accounts to render before the end of the series: has she found Rick? Why didn’t she come back after all these years?

Is there a connection between the Commonwealth and the Civic Republic?

Two great civilizations coexist in the world of The Walking Dead On one side is the Commonwealth, a network of communities based in Ohio with approximately 50,000 citizens and its own well-organized standing army. On the other, the Civic Republic, the one that took Rick in a helicopter with Jadis and which was explored from every angle during the short spin-off WorldBeyond. Even larger than the Commonwealth, this authoritarian society based in Pennsylvania had alliances with fortified towns in Nebraska and Oregon. It has 200,000 citizens and geographically, is not very far from the Commonwealth which is in Ohio. As a result, one wonders what relationship can maintain these two organizations which necessarily know each other and which are so bellicose. Knowing that Rick is probably (passed?) on the side of the CMR, will they finally meet in the final part, to unveil a larger vision of the world of walking dead ?

World Beyond CRM

Morgan will he finally tell everything that happens on the other side of the country?

Gone at the end of Season 8, the stick fighter has since gone through multiple fights in fear. He saw how the rest of the country behaved. And lately, he even survived the explosion of an atomic bomb! Just that. So will he finally reveal to his old friends what is happening a few hundred kilometers from them? In other words, The Walking Dead will she finally allow herself a crossover with her spin-off? Hurry up…
And then Morgan is, with Rick Grimes, the only character of the pilot of the series still alive in the universe walking dead, so we think it would be nice to see him head back to Alexandria before the end. Actor Lennie James recently said he had discussed the possibility of Morgan appearing in the final season of walking dead : “I had that conversation, yes. But that’s about all I can say.”

Will Negan and Maggie become friends?

The final episode of Part 2 saw Widow Rhee deliver a beautiful message of reconciliation to her former nemesis. If Lauren Cohan swears that her character is still far from being forgiven, one wonders how the final part of walking dead will pin down, so that Negan and Maggie go together in the setting sun towards New York. Because yes, that’s where they will be after the end of the series… The two will be the headliners of the spin-off Isle of the Dead, expected next year. What are they going to do in this post-apo Manhattan? And especially both?

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No happy ending for Daryl?

Another spin-off announced, the one around Daryl, now without Carol. The biker will cross the Atlantic to discover the living dead of Europe. Another spin-off series that will likely tie in with WorldBeyond, which showed us (in this final post-credits scene) that the zombific pandemic surely came from a French lab. So certainly, one wonders how, logistically, he will be able to cross the ocean. But above all, it questions the way in which the current hero of walking dead will end the series. Not existing in the comics, all doors are open. We still hope to see him as a couple and finally let go with Connie. After 166 episodes of celibacy, a few flirtations with Beth, Carol or Leah, will the series finally offer a romantic flight to its bad boy? Nothing is less sure. And in any case, this European spin-off already suggests that Daryl will not have a happy end… Would he go to the other side of the world, if he was finally laid down with Connie?

Heath and the “PPP”, impossible?

Maybe one day we’ll know why The Walking Dead made Heath disappear… The Alexandrian disappeared several seasons ago, leaving behind him this mysterious “PPP”, the meaning of which has never been revealed to us… During season 7, Heath evaporates in the during a mission, in the middle of the zombies. Tara comes across motorcycle tracks in the mud. Next to it, she discovers what looks like a badge or a magnetic card, on which are written roughly the letters “PPP”. Tara smiles and seems convinced that it is a small pebble left by Heath, so that we can find it. But what does that mean exactly? Six years later, we don’t really know. Moreover, we have the feeling that the writers (who have since changed) have dropped the case and would like everyone to forget this thing. So will Heath make his comeback in the finale of The Walking Dead ? Perhaps even more than Rick, this return would be, really, a huge surprise!


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