A big superhero movie coming out in 2023 had 45 writers

Is it The Flash, Andy Muschietti?

Deadline publishes an article on the job of screenwriter in Hollywood, explaining that they are struggling more and more to keep control of their scripts. The larger the projects, the more their authors can “vanish” during the making of a blockbuster, seeing other screenwriters or “script-doctors” succeed them and touch up their work. A phenomenon that sometimes reaches ridiculously high numbers. It is thus detailed that“a big superhero movie due to hit theaters next year has been submitted to the WGA (Writer’s Guild of America, editor’s note) to record the credits of its screenwriters, and an insider reveals to Deadline that no less than 45 writers were involved in writing this screenplay at different stages of its creative process. The chances of crediting all these authors will be ‘simply not possible’, according to a source close to the project. And if this example is extreme, having twenty screenwriters attached to the same scenario has become far too common…”

The article does not specify which film it is, but the description could correspond to The Flashby Andy Muschietti, a superhero film “high profile” scheduled for 2023 at the cinema (June 21, precisely), which has been a long process: many writers and directors have worked on this project since the release of Justice Leaguein 2017. If the final version is signed by Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Story of Harley Quinn) for the director of Thatthere was before her the author of comics Grant Morrison (the main actor Ezra Miller collaborated with him on the writing), Rick Famuyiwa, the director of DopeSeth Grahame-Smith, screenwriter of lego batman or even Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, known for having co-written Spiderman: Homecoming. All have thrown in the towel after a few months of work on this blockbuster from Warner Bros. Robert Zemeckis (Back to the future) and Sam Raimi (who eventually turned Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for competitor Marvel) were involved in this project for a while. They both had to realize itbut it is possible that they also touched up the plot before giving way to another filmmaker…

The Flash will be the film that “revives everything” according to its producer

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