A clue about Stranger Things season 4 is hidden in this tape

Stranger things cassette

Sold by Walmart, this is original merchandising-teasing, for those who can’t wait to return to Hawkins.

Not much is known about season 4 of Stranger Things. But Netflix has signed a deal with the American supermarket chain, Walmart, to develop innovative exclusive merchandising: an exclusive cassette player, which will include a “unpublished voice message left by a mysterious character”. Teasing and paying clues on season 4, in a way.

Stranger Things wants to avoid making the same mistake as Lost

This vintage pack also includes a Crosley stereo and a set of 8 series-inspired vinyl stickers, including a “Hellfire Club” sticker that we know will be the name of the first episode of Season 4.

This cassette player is not currently only available for pre-order (for a whopping $ 65), and is slated for release in mid-November. The secret message in question should then quickly leak on the networks … Maybe Hopper, from Russia, tries to communicate with Hawkins? Or is it a message from the Upside Down on Creel Manor? Season 4 of Stranger Things is slated to air on Netflix in early 2022.

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