A completely crazy trailer for season 2 of UFO(s) on Canal +

Season 2 of UFO(s) on Canal +
Canal +

“Nuclear power plants are like merguez sausages, no one really knows what’s inside…”

Yes, it’s talking about a talking cotton candy… Or at least, it emits a “radio signal” and we understand from the trailer for season 2 ofUFO(s) that the extraterrestrials will contact us in the new episodes…

The official synopsis of Canal +: “Since he saw a UFO (admittedly under the influence of LSD) in the last episode of season 1, the one who was a perfectly Cartesian scientist dropped everything (family, work and colleagues from GEPAN) to embark on the roads of France aboard a van, in order to preach the good word, find new extraterrestrial traces, and above all establish contact with these visitors from elsewhere. high scientific spheres at the end of the previous season, Didier Mathure (Melvil Poupaud) is now an outcast, because he has become what he abhorred a year earlier: an “illuminated” who believes in UFOs but whom no one takes But while his quest seems doomed to failure, an improbable event occurs: a giant cotton candy invades a nuclear power plant and forces his former accomplices to find him to elucidate this ufological mystery cut for GEPAN. doubt, UFO(s) has lost none of its very sweet pop originality.”

Created by Clémence Dargent and Martin Douaire, UFO(s) will see Jonathan Lambert and Jean-Luc Bideau land in season 2, which will be released on February 21 on Canal +.

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