A crazy new meta comedy for Ricky Gervais

Ricky gervais

Based on a tweet he wrote to German actor Kida Ramadan in 2019 …

Two years ago, Ricky gervais congratulated the German actor Kida Ramadan on Twitter, for his stunning interpretation in the German mafia series 4 Blocks, even calling his performance a “masterpiece”. They are now reunited in 2021.

Gervais and Ramadan will give the cue in Greenlight – German Genius, a new comedy produced by the German branch of Warner Bros (certainly intended for the HBO Max platform which is launching in the country).

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Consisting of 8 episodes, Greenlight – German Genius is thus inspired by this famous tweet of Ricky gervais. In the series, after this message, Ramadan tries to convince the English actor and creator to let him do a German adaptation of his series Extras, which was a hit across the Channel in the early 2000s. However, things don’t go well when Ramadan realizes that there are no international celebrities in Germany to star in the adaptation and that the German television industry has a huge whirlwind of galleys … Ricky gervais will therefore play its own role. Kida Ramadan too. And some luxury guests are expected. The name of Wim Wenders is already mentioned.

The shooting of this surprisingly meta farce – and really born of Gervais’ tweet, as Anke Greifeneder of WarnerMedia confirms – has already started in Berlin.

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