A Deadpool cameo was really considered for Doctor Strange 2

“Yeah, we talked about it at one point,” confirms screenwriter Michael Waldron.

Tom Cruise could have played Tony Stark. Daniel Craig almost joined the cast. And Dead Pool also was on the verge of adding to the madness of the Multiverse of Madness of Doctor Strange 2 !

The crazy Marvel hero, played by Ryan Reynolds and derived from the X-Men, could indeed have appeared in the film, as has often been whispered in recent months. But in the end, the cameo did not happen.

“Yes, we talked about it at one point”confirm to comic bookscreenwriter Michael Waldron, explaining that it had actually been mentioned, without ever going any further:

“I think we talked about everything for this movie… So it would have been silly not to ask that question. But it didn’t really work out in the end. It didn’t. So we didn’t done, but yes, of course, we talked about it…”

Doctor Strange 2 crushes the US box office and is already doing better than the first opus

We will therefore have to wait a little longer before finding the character in Deadpool 3, which will soon be directed by Shawn Levy. As for whether the indestructible mutant will one day cross paths with the MCU…

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