A former Grey’s Anatomy with Negan and Maggie in Isle of the Walking Dead

Gaius Charles Grey's Anatomy

Actor Gaius Charles joins Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the cast of the spin-off.

Revealed on a football field in Friday Night Lights, Gaius Charles join the zombie world of The Walking Dead. The actor seen in Grey’s Anatomy for two seasons as young Dr. Shane Ross, Cristina Yang’s protege, just signed to join Isle of the Dead. He will therefore be with Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a Manhattan infested with the living dead.

Carol leaves Daryl all alone in Europe, for the future Walking Dead series!

Announced for 2023, this new mini-series walking dead will see Maggie and Negan travel through the heart of what used to be New York, now devastated and long cut off from the mainland. “The city is in ruins is filled with the dead and survivors who have made New York their own world of anarchy, danger, beauty and terror“.

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