A Loki spin-off on Old Loki and Alligator Loki? “I am on it !”

Alligator Loki

Actor Richard E. Grant Launches Support Campaign!

Tomorrow morning, Loki will end on Disney Plus. The sixth and final episode of the mini-series will be put online by the platform. What if she found an improbable extension through a demented spin-off, devoted to the two coolest variants of the Marvel show: Old Loki and Alligator Loki?

Richard E. Grant is totally for! Cult actor of the small and the big screen, already crossed in several episodes of Doctor who, of Game Of Thrones or from Star wars, he caused a sensation in episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery”, to the point of having also wanted to consider this derivative series:

“A series about the classic Old Loki with muscles, and Alligator-dot-com, the sub-series of the spin-off series, that’s what I want to do now!“says Grant in an interview with Collider, in the tone of humor.

Loki is significantly watched more than WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier

But the US site is putting a coin in the machine, suggesting that, given the overwhelmingly positive public reaction to Alligator Loki’s entry on the scene, there would undoubtedly be fans willing to campaign for it.

For the greatest pleasure of Richard E. Grant, which can already be seen there: “Old Loki is the only one who can talk to him and understand Alligator Loki. It’s all done! It’s every screenwriter’s dream! So do it, I’m up for it.”

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