A lunar trailer for the new SF series Moonhaven

SF series Moonhaven

In 100 years, humanity’s last hope will be an idyllic community established on Earth’s satellite.

Whereas Raised by Wolves has just been cancelled, here is a new story of human colonization. The American platform AMC+ will broadcast this summer moonhavenwhich will happen in the future, on an idyllic eponymous lunar base, which Earthlings will be keen to invest….

The trailer (below) displays some pretty disturbing digital visual effects. But the cast carried by Emma McDonald, Dominic Monaghan and Amara Karan could save the furniture:

Synopsis:100 years in the future, Bella Sway, a pilot on Earth, is drawn into a plot to take control of moonhaven, a utopian colony established on the Moon. A Garden of Eden of 1300 km2 (ten times less than the Ile de France roughly), built on the Moon to find solutions to the ecological problems which will soon put an end to civilization on the blue planet. Bella will find herself sucked into this plot to take control of the artificial intelligence responsible for the miracles of moonhaven and teams up with a local cop to stop the forces that want to destroy Earth’s last hope…”

moonhaven will be launched on AMC + on July 7, 2022. No release in France planned for the moment.

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