A man at the height is worth for the accomplice duo Virginie Efira / Jean Dujardin [critique]

W9 is rebroadcasting Laurent Tirard’s comedy this Sunday.

See you at 9:05 p.m. to (re)see the romantic comedy A tall manreleased in 2016.

Diana (Virginie Efira) is seduced on the phone by Alexandre (Jean Dujardin) who found his cell phone. Appointment is made the next day. For Diane, it’s a shock: Alexandre is 1m36 tall… Is their love story possible?

Justine Triet: “Virginie Efira embodies a male fantasy”

At its output, A tall man had amused the editorial staff of First, who especially advises you to take a look at it if you like his duo of actors. Here is our review: “To make people forget that Jean Dujardin is not a dwarf: this is the crazy bet of this romcom that it is initially difficult to consider other than from the angle of technical performance. The table, there, it is oversized to make Dujardin smaller? When he’s from the back, he’s a stunt double? In this scene where they are side by side, he on the left, she on the right, it’s a story of hiding/countering, the oldest trick in the world? Questions of this type, we ask ourselves plenty at the risk of missing a dialogue, a situation that the screenwriters have nevertheless taken care to embellish. Too much, perhaps: the madness is contained, the supporting roles generally sacrificed. If the charm of this atypical love story ends up operating, it is thanks to the obvious complicity of the star duo, the best special effect of the film.”

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