A new Alien film, from the director of Don’t breathe, will be released for streaming

A horror story totally independent from the rest of the saga.

While we are still waiting for the future series of Noah Hawley, for the FX channel, we learn that the 20th Century studio (owned by Disney) will develop a new film Alienfor the Hulu streaming platform (also owned by Disney).

It is the filmmaker Fede Alvarez, to whom we owe the very creepy horror film Don’t breathe – The house of darkness (2016), who will embark on this project. He must write the script, which he will then produce. Alvarez’s pitch would be completely separate from previous films, precise Deadline. Which means it would be a Alien completely self-contained, kind of a horror spin-off, definitely an independent angst movie with the creature in it.

Artificial Intelligence will be at the heart of the new Alien series

Ridley Scott, who directed the original 1979 version, will produce under his Scott Free banner, five years after the franchise’s last installment, Alien: Covenantreleased in 2017.

Series Alien, she, which will take place on Earth in a world before Ripley, should take a little longer to come out. If it’s already written, FX and Noah Hawley will do Season 5 first. Fargo before taking the monster out of the closet.

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