A season 2 for Reacher? “I’m ready to do 26 seasons!” [exclu]


Actor Alan Ritchson is eager to reprise his role, to bring to the screen other books of the wandering investigator imagined by Lee Child.

Since Friday, Reacher does damage on Prime Video! The new version of the character from Lee Child’s novels is entitled to 8 episodes to prove himself. All are already online on the Amazon platform. And then ?

No season 2 is yet officially ordered, but the least we can say is that there is material. The original literary saga already has 26 volumes! And the new Reacherthe actor Alan Ritchsonis one more fan!

“I’m ready to do 26 seasons! I’m ready to adapt each of the books”entrusts us the giant, revealed in Smallville. “We could even push up to 30, since Lee Child continues to release new volumes regularly…”

Alan Ritchson is the new Reacher: “I’ve read all the books, more than once!” [exclu]

Alan Ritchson is in any case “ready to play this Reacher for a long time.” And he even confesses to Première: “To put it simply: if this is the only character I have left to play in my life, then I would be delighted!”

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