A season 2 for Robbers on Netflix? “We have lots of ideas”

Netflix robbers

After the six episodes posted online this Friday, the director Julien Leclercq and the screenwriter Hamid Hlioua tell us that they really want to get back to work …

Medhi’s story may not be over. After six episodes of insane intensity, Robbers could possibly have a sequel, on Netflix. No season 2 is ordered at the moment, but the director Julien Leclercq – who was already at the helm of the original film – confirms to us wanting to put the cover back. Attention spoilers!

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And for good reason, the end of season 1, completely open, leaves quite the possibility of a season 2, with Medhi (Sami Bouajila) on the run with the young thief (Tracy Gotoas) that he helped from the start:

“Considering the way we chose to end season 1, do you really think Hamid and I want to end this story on that?“, answers us Julien Leclercq without beating around the bush.

Yes, they really want to do a season 2 of Robbers. “We have lots of ideas. Lots of things are possible. We’re thinking about that …“confirms Hamid Hlioua, the screenwriter. It remains to be seen whether it will be confirmed by Netflix.

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