A season 3 for In Therapy? “Sometimes it’s better to leave when everything is fine!”

In Therapy

A priori, Nakache and Toledano have not planned to return to the shrink.

Tonight is the end of the broadcast of season 2 ofIn Therapy, on Arte. While all the episodes are already available for free on Arte.tv, the series will end. Because it should not have a season 3. Despite its enormous success, Dr. Philippe Dayan should leave his cabin closed and In Therapy should not return to our antennas:

“A priori not”, answers us Eric Toledano, whom Première met at the Séries Mania festival last March. “There will always be a trauma to exploit. But to this day, we have missed the cinema a lot. The theaters were closed for a while, there were attendance concerns, but our desire for cinema, for the public, for the hall, obstructs any other project for us.

Frédéric Pierrot puts season 2 of In Therapy on the couch: “We project ourselves easily”

Indeed, Nakache and Toledano are currently preparing the return to the big screen and the filming ofA Difficult Yeara comedy in reaction to the confinements.

No new episodesIn Therapy for the duo, “but after if someone else wants to tackle it, it is quite possible. We are not the rights holder. Basically, it’s an Israeli series (Betipul), which only lasts two seasons! Sometimes it’s better to leave when everything is fine…”

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