A season 3 of The Haunting of Hill House is possible, if …

the haunting of hill house

Mike Flanagan explains that he will have to find the adequate literary base before going there …

The relative success of Bly manor do not oblige Mike Flanagan to make a season 3. So the creator went on something else, preparing a film and especially the upcoming release of Midnight Sermons (Midnight mass) on Netflix. It will be September 24th.

But if there are still no plans to make a third season of The Haunting of Hill House, director Mike Flanagan is not opposed to a return to the series within a few years, if the conditions are right. He specifies them to Entertainment Weekly, explaining in particular that he will have to find the adequate literary base to go there:

“One of the things that defines the anthology for me The Hauntingis that the two online seasons are the update of existing classic novels. “

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We therefore understand that season 3 can only be, once again, adapted from a well-known gothic horror novel. However, Flanagan has no idea at the moment: “If the stars align so that we someday decide to return to the haunted world of The Haunting, then it will have to be on the same basis that we have put in place. “ The filmmaker wants to stay consistent, pointing out that “It should be with the right thing, the right ghost-centric story, matching what we’ve done in Bly Manor and Hill House before.”

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