A sing-song first look at the Central Park season 2 sequel on Apple TV+

central park season 2

The second part will be on view from Friday, March 4.

Apple TV+’s jubilant musical will be making a comeback. new episodes of Central Park will be put online on March 4, announces the streamer through this particularly delightful little video “You are the Music”, bringing together Josh Gad and Rory O’Malley!

The official pitch:In season 2 of Central Park, the Tillermans still have to come to terms with their role as resident-managers of the world’s most famous park. Molly faces the vicissitudes of adolescence, Cole experiences a very embarrassing time at school, Paige continues to investigate corruption at the town hall and Owen juggles the management of the park, its employees and his small family while keeping the to smile. Meanwhile, Bitsy moves ever closer to her doomed plan: to claw into Central Park. His trusty Helen, meanwhile, still wonders if her boss put her on her will. All under the benevolent gaze of Birdie, the clumsy narrator-violinist who accompanies us throughout the episodes.

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