A Star is Born, irresistible pop melody [Critique]

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A Star is Born
Warner Bros.

A director named Bradley Cooper was born.

On the occasion of the first unencrypted broadcast ofA star Is Born, this evening on TF1, we republish our review of the film, initially posted online for its release, in October 2018. Note that this programming coincides with the release of the new film worn by Lady Gaga, House of Gucci, Wednesday at the cinema.

House of Gucci: Lady Gaga takes the lead in this new trailer

“This story is meant to be told every 20 years”, said Barbra streisand in 1976, when his version ofA star Is Born, the third of the name, after those of William Wellman (1937) and George cukor (1954). It’s been 40 years since, but it’s not as if Hollywood hasn’t, in the meantime, tried everything they can to shoot a new remake of it: Whitney houston and Will smith had almost succeeded in the 90s, then Clint eastwood and Beyonce… It was Bradley Cooper who finally got the job. Or rather the jobs, since he does almost everything here: acting, singing, directing, producing, scripting. “A song is always the same twelve chords, in a loop”, he makes his character, Jackson Maine (an alcoholic and discouraged rock-star that he embodies superbly) say, as if to signify that he knows better. than anyone that this story is immortal, that in its almost biblical simplicity it is one of Hollywood’s finest myths. A star is born, while another goes out – so much for the pitch. A Star is Born is the absolute Hollywood tragedy, which we love to be told in all eras, and which always works.

After Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand, it is Lady Gaga who plays today the young rising star, who will fall in love with the weather-beaten singer, then end up eclipsing him. Gaga, for her real big movie debut, is perfectly cheeky and desalted by nature – her character, Ally, is a waitress who sings in a drag queen cabaret at night, and argues with her adorable Italian-American daddy (Andrew Dice Clay) for breakfast. His meeting with Jackson Maine will help him access his dreams of glory. Purists will note that this Star is born vintage 2018 is first of all a variation on the version of 76, which Cooper enriches with a thousand brilliant ideas, an irresistible sensitivity and a crazy charm. The idea, of course, is to reflect on the notions of celebrity and star-system in the 21st century. Cooper plays the old-world star, who drinks too much, hits coke before taking the stage, and looks oddly at the hipster managers who run on Evian and don’t wear socks. Gaga, she is the ambitious singer, who will not be long in being, er… “gagatize” – make up, robotize, threaten to be transformed into a product of everyday consumption. Screenwriter Will Fetters summed it up this way: “What if Kurt Cobain hadn’t died and woke up in Justin Bieber’s world? But Bradley Cooper has the good taste not to turn his film into a clunky essay on how selfies and social media have transformed the music industry. He and his Eastwood style rather prefer to play the card of the honky-tonk melody, the one that makes you want to cry in your beer, or to cover “The Shallow” (the tube of the film) while shouting at karaoke. He also succeeds in the feat of having allure with a guitar in his hand (few actors know how to do that) and of putting in a box credible and frankly electrifying concert scenes. Of course, all of this will undoubtedly appear a little too sweet to delicate palates. But if you love shivering mainstream pop, or just cry in the movies, this movie is for you.

The teaser :

Oscars 2019 emotional moment: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper perform Shallow live

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