A time loop in Army of the Dead? “It could be true,” says Zack Snyder

Fans of the zombie movie are overheating.

The theory has been circulating for a long time, and Zack Snyder himself had made it hint on twitter : and if the characters ofArmy of the Dead were in fact in a time loop and constantly reliving their attempt to get their hands on the contents of the casino safe? A bit far-fetched, but the heroes of the film hint at it themselves during the actual robbery scene. For the first time, the director brought up the subject head-on in an interview video. released by Netflix : ” It could be true. Who knows ? There are loads of clues in the film that support this theory. “, He assured. “ Like the skeletons in the safe: there’s a blueprint on each of them, then a blueprint on one of our characters, and they both wear the same necklace. It’s them ! And when they get to the casino, there’s a series of shots and Scott says, ” Tanaka sent other teams here before us. ” If you watch out, the dead around the table are still them. So if you like it, go for it, it’s made for.

Army of the Dead is available on Netflix. Zack Snyder gave us an interview several weeks before the release:

Zack Snyder: “Army of the Dead is so crazy it goes beyond the scope of the zombie movie”

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