A tough year: Nakache and Toledano’s new film explained [exclu]

Passing through Series Mania to present season 2 of In Therapy, Eric Toledano reveals to Première what is hidden behind the next film by the duo of Intouchables.

After a television interlude with In Therapy, Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache return to the big screen. Season 2 ofIn Therapy is in the box and arrives from March 31 on Arte.tv. So the directors ofUntouchables, our happy days Where The sense of celebration can resume normal activity.

Three years later Out of Standards. Nakache and Toledano will soon start filmingA difficult year, their 8th feature film, as revealed by the JDD last week. So what is it going to be about? What themes do they want to address in this complicated period?

“We wanted to come back to comedy, because times are tough…“, explain to us Eric Toledano, seen at the Séries Mania festival. Olivier Nakache’s sidekick immediately quotes Billy Wilder who said: “When really nothing goes, you have to do a comedy. And there, frankly nothing goes, let’s be honest! We come out of COVID and we arrive in the war… But hey, beyond that, it’s a universe that we miss. We’ve done comedies in the past and we love to hear people laugh. So after two years of psychoanalysis with En Thérapie, we wanted to make people laugh again!

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Especially that Out of Standards, the duo’s last film, was not so much a comedy, but more of a social chronicle. “Our last very assumed comedy was Le Sens de la Fête. Here, we want to do something a little different, with an Italian comedy, that is to say a story that features heroes who are a bit cracra, very cynical, who are ready to do anything to achieve their purposes… And that allows us to change the angle a little, because we have paid a lot of tribute to people, to professions, by expressing our admiration… But here, we are going on to something completely different . It’s a form of renewal, so that we regenerate ourselves too.

Concretely, it is the confinement that inspired the story ofA difficult yeareven if Eric Toledano reveals to us that the “The film will be more to be taken as a reaction to the confinement. The story takes place before, in the last moments before the confinement, but we can only understand it in the light of everything that happened afterwards.. We try to have fun with this world after that they tried to sell us. Because the second we entered confinement, we were told about the world after… But we still looking for it!”

Alban Ivanov and Pio Marmai will be the two headliners and the rest of the cast is being finalized. A difficult year will be shot from May to the end of July 2022 in Paris.

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