A (very) short teaser for Nope, Jordan Peele’s new film

The director of Get Out and Us is increasing the pressure.

Jordan Peele has finally unveiled some elements of his new film Boop. Described as “a psychological horror thriller based on social themes”, the third feature from the Oscar-winning director of get-out and Us was for the time being kept secret, with only its end of filming announced last December. So it’s no surprise that fans of Peele’s universe were eagerly awaiting the first images of Boopwhich have just been presented in a short 30-second teaser mixing shots from the three films in question:

After Get Out and Us, Jordan Peele has just completed his third film

Worn by Daniel Kaluuya, his actor get-outwhich will give the line to Keke Palmer (Hustle) and the former of walking dead and minariSteven Yeun, Boop is still stingy on its details: its official trailer will not be released until Sunday, during the Super Bowl. Boop will be released in August 2022 at the cinema in France.

Get Out is the best scenario of the century for the WGA

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