A week before its release, Building Permit is postponed by two months

The Corsican comedy with Didier Bourdon was due out on January 12th.

Among the collateral victims of the pandemic, the release dates of the films. We were used to various postponements, but never so hastily as for Building permit : the film was due out on January 12 (in a week, therefore), and the distributor Warner has just announced that it will finally be released in theaters on March 9. The comedy, performed and directed by Eric Fraticelli, makes Didier Bourdon play the role of a Parisian dentist who is looking to build a house in Corsica (and the trouble begins, we suspect).

“The deterioration of the health situation continues to have repercussions on the schedule of film releases”, notes Le Film français by announcing the information. Side postponement of big trips, Rumba life, by and with Franck Dubosc, was shifted eight months (from January 19 to August 24) four weeks before its release, while Morbius with Jared Leto as a supervampire will finally be released on March 30 instead of January 26 – a postponement announced three weeks before its theatrical release.

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