Aaron Paul is a new dad, and Bryan Cranston will be the godfather

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston
Instagram Aaron Paul

The two Breaking Bad actors are still as close as ever.

While their return as Jesse Pinkman and Walter White was announced in Better Call Saulthe prequel series of breaking BadAaron Paul revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that Bryan Cranston would be the godfather of his new child, Ryden, of whom he has just shared the first photos on Instagram:

He met the baby, I asked Bryan on his birthday if he could be our baby’s godfather. I love him to death, he’s one of my best friends so it was obvious to me“, confided the actor on the set of The Tonight Show of Jimmy Kimmel.

Aaron Paul also said a few words about his appearance in the season finale of Better Call Saulwithout of course making any revelations: “It was fun getting back into Pinkman’s shoes, and weird, because a lot of the Breaking Bad crew is working on Better Call Saul. So it was nice to be reunited with all these people.”

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