Ace Ventura: Jim Carrey would be ready to make a film again if Christopher Nolan directs it

In 2002, they nearly collaborated on a Howard Hughes biopic, but Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio dubbed them with Aviator.

Currently showing at sonic 2still in the costume of the evil Dr. Robotnik, jim carrey explained why he was making fewer and fewer films in Hollywood, and even hinted that he was ready to retire from acting. Asked by E! News on potential sequels to his blockbuster films, such as The Mask (1994), tripped (1996), Dumb and Dumber and Dumb and Dumber of (1994 and 2014) or his two opuses ofAce Ventura (released in 1994 and 1995), the 60-year-old actor replies: “I think after so many years, you know…unless a genius director, an author, comes to you with a new approach…If Chris Nolan comes to me and says: ‘I want to make a Ace Ventura and I want to do something more interesting’, I will listen to it. But otherwise, I find that after this long, there’s no cell in your body that belongs to the person back then, you just end up mimicking what you did in the good old days, the inspiration is no longer there.”

Jim Carrey Considers Retiring From Acting: ‘I’ve Had Enough!’

We clearly understand that Jim Carrey does not intend to make sequels to the films mentioned, but the fact of evoking Christopher Nolan as a counter-example is probably not insignificant. Citing him as the model director-writer in Hollywood makes sense, following the success of his trilogy Dark Knightfrom his SF films Interstellar Where Inception and its historical stagings such as Dunkirkand now Oppenheimer, that it is spinning. Not to mention that while Nolan has nothing to do with Ace Venturaboth directed by Tom Shadyac (who also filmed Liar, liar Where Almighty Bruce with the star), He and Carrey do have a history in common: In 2002, the two men collaborated on a biopic of filmmaker and aviator Howard Hughes, which ultimately fell through when Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio filmed Airman. An aborted project that we detail in the article below.

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