Adam McKay explains his “breakup” with Will Ferrell: “I fucked up”

Adam McKay and Will Ferrell
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After 25 years of collaboration, the two former friends no longer speak to each other …

Featured Presenter: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Ricky Bobby: king of the circuit, Brothers in spite of themselves, Very Bad Cops… the couple formed by Adam mckay and Will ferrell gave birth to some of the most influential American comedies of the 2000s. But, the legendary duo formed at SNL is no more. For two years, the two men no longer work together. And McKay today reveals that they are even completely at odds. A heartbreak for the director of Don’t Look Up, who is entrusted on the subject to Vanity Fair.

Last October, Will Ferrell was the first to talk about their separation, in the columns of Hollywood Reporter, but only by highlighting their differences in business matters that prompted them to stop collaborating. “We will always work together and always remain friends“, they assured in a statement published in 2019, announcing the end of their partnership within the company Gloria Sanchez. In reality, it was not really an amicable break-up.

I thought shit, Ferrell ain’t never gonna talk to me again“says Adam McKay, recalling their last discussion on the phone.”It didn’t end wellBut it’s the development of an HBO series about the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team that will definitely break their friendship. Jerry Buss But, after picking up the project with his new company, Hyperobject Industries, McKay decided otherwise.

Adam Mckay says it all about Don’t Look Up, his Netflix black comedy starring Leonardo DiCaprio

The truth is, the idea from the start was to do a super realistic show. And Ferrell don’t look like Jerry Buss, he don’t have the vibe of a Jerry Buss“says McKay, still in Vanity Fair. For the role, he rather saw John C. Reilly, who is none other than Ferrell’s best friend. After hesitating, for fear of hurting Ferrell, McKay finally restrains Reilly. Ferrell is furious. “I should have called her“, recognizes McKay today.”And Reilly did, of course, because Reilly is a good guy. ”

Since their roads began to separate, Adam McKay has achieved almost everything: his serious turn was crowned with an Oscar (best screenplay adapted for The Big Short), he is a hit as executive producer of the series Succession (of which he had directed the pilot) and is about to release a new highly anticipated comedy, Don’t Look Up (notably with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) on Netflix. But, he is consumed by remorse for his former friend, who has never responded to his attempts to reconcile.

I fucked up the way I handled this“McKay concedes.”You have to sweep in front of your door. I should have been completely legal (…) In my head, I was telling myself when everything will be over, in six months or a year we will sit down and laugh thinking about it. It’s just business, who cares. We worked together for 25 years. Are we really going to give it all up like this?

He took it a lot worse than I expected. I tried to get back to him, and I reminded him of some insults that I have suffered and for which I have never had an apology“, concludes the director. Not sure that this last argument convinces Will Ferrell to bury the hatchet …

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