Adam through time: Shawn Levy reconnects with the good-natured generosity of La Nuit au musée [critique]

After Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds is teaming up with the director again, this time for Netflix.

On this Friday, Netflix offers a family SF film to its subscribers: Adam through time (The Adam Project, in VO). A time travel story, as its title suggests, where Ryan Reynolds, will find his ‘me’ of the past (Walker Scobell). The boy will help her reconnect with her now missing father (Mark Ruffalo), and by healing the wounds of the past together, they will have a chance to save the future…

What is this movie directed by Shawn Levywhich was a great success last summer in cinemas thanks to Free Guy, another collaboration with Ryan Reynolds? Good news, the director of Night at the Museum (three opuses released between 2006 and 2014) and successful RealSteel (2011) is definitely back in shape, after several years devoted more in the production of films for teens (Darkest Mind, Kin: The Beginning) than to directing feature films (on the other hand, he directed episodes of the series Stranger Things, precisely for Netflix, a series that has had unprecedented success on the platform). As for her star, while waiting to return to Deadpool at Disney, she is having a blast thanks to this streaming service: a few months later the event action movie Red Noticewhich he shared with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds proves once again how comfortable he is in all registers.

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Here is our review ofAdam through time : The crossing of the desert will have been long but Shawn Levy has redone the cherry in 2021 with the unexpected success of Free Guy. And not even seven months later, he is reforming his couple with Ryan Reynolds for Adam through time, pocket Netflix blockbuster, not without qualities. The star of Dead Pool plays a pilot from the 2050s who goes back in time to save his wife, and comes face to face with the child he was. A small SF barnum with a rough-hewn video game aesthetic, but paradoxically a great family entertainment: Levy persists in overcoming her condition to reconnect with the good-natured generosity of Night at the Museum (less funny anyway). Reynolds, Zoe Saldana and Mark Ruffalo, really hyper involved, would almost make you forget the scenario on autopilot.

The Adam Project, by Shawn Levy With Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo… Released March 11, 2022 on Netflix. Duration 1 hour 46 minutes

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