Addison will be back in season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy!

Kate walsh

It’s been almost ten years since Derek’s ex-wife was seen in the medical series …

The last time we saw him in Seattle, it was in 2012, for the episode “If / Then” of season 8, which told of an alternate reality of the hospital … A decade later, Addison Montgomery, now Addison Forbes Montgomery, will be back in Grey’s Anatomy. Actress Kate Walsh announces that she will be featured in several episodes of season 18.

After her memorable debut in Season 1 and spent several years in Grey’s Anatomy, Addison had gone to mount her Private Practice, the spin-off which lasted until 2013. Since then, the actress has been seen in particular in 13 Reasons Why and The Umbrella Academy, on Netflix.

“I’m so excited to be home again”, commented Kate walsh on his Instagram account. It is not yet clear exactly why she will be returning to Seattle. It will be recalled that the last time the character was seen in the franchise, in the finale of Private Practice in 2013, she married Jake (Benjamin Bratt) at sunset …

Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy is scheduled for Thursday, September 30 across the Atlantic.

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