Adrien Brody: “I was trekking in the Himalayas when I accepted Chapelwaite” [exclu]

Chapelwaite adrien brody

The star of the Amazon series, online on Prime Video since Wednesday, tells us how he found himself in the leading role of a TV series, for the first time in his career.

It seems you were at the top of a mountain when you took on this role. It’s true ?
Adrien brody
: Yes ! I was in Nepal, on a trek in the Himalayas, when they suggested that I do Chapelwaite. I often laugh when I say that I had to make a decision with very little oxygen, because I was at a very high altitude (laughs). But I do not regret today. “

Why did you say yes?

It was this character that impressed me, his maturity. He’s a real man. Someone who has encountered so many difficulties, since his tenderest childhood. He finds himself with a lot of responsibility when the series begins, as a widower and single parent of three children, in a frankly inhospitable world. These are things that inspired me. It’s a role I spoke to … at the top of a cut, indeed (laughs). And if I have done little television in my career, in particular a little Peaky Blinders, I have never held a central role. I had never been the main character of a series for several episodes. I wanted to take up this challenge.

What is it that you have so infrequently taken the step of the small screen?

Today we are in a new era in storytelling with the mini-series format, which is becoming more and more interesting. But to be honest, I rather stuck with independent cinema, a genre that I grew up with, that I love most of all and that I probably also fantasize a bit about. I like this cinema where the public finds themselves in a dark room, where foreigners unite in a form of communion, in front of a work that transports them. But we are in a period of transition. It’s more and more complicated to get these indie film projects out of the ground. And at the same time, I also like when the writing is good, so Chapelwaite was a great experience. I really liked having the time to deepen the character, his arcs … I was never opposed to the idea of ​​doing television, it’s just that I had never had a project that would me was talking before that.

Chapelwaite is a genre in which you are seldom seen …

Still, I love the gothic horror style, personally. The books of Edgar Allan Poe or HP Lovecraft. I find it great to unfold a scary mystery slowly, little by little. I like the strange atmosphere of the genre. The period atmosphere too, which means that the characters have few resources at their disposal to defend themselves.

And the work of Stephen King?

I haven’t read much from Stephen King. But I’ve seen a lot of the adaptations of his work that have been made. I would say he has a very cinematic way of writing. This is why his texts are so often transposed to the screen. Everything is already very powerful on paper. His storytelling is already very visual.

We also find you this week at the cinema in The French Dispatch, your 4th film with Wes Anderson. Would you do anything for him?

Yeah, more or less … I love Wes as a friend, as a director. He gave me so many opportunities. This film is really special, visually unique. Being part of such a project is always worth it.

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