Adrien Brody pimps Stephen King and carries Chapelwaite (review)


A macabre and costume adaptation of “He who keeps the worm”. Slow but bewitching.

Jerusalem’s Lot is not necessarily the most famous work of Stephen King. And for good reason, it is in fact a simple news published in the collection Dance of Death (in 1978) But the American chain Epix has put the small dishes in the big ones to make Chapelwaite, and create a universe rich in details, dark and striking.

Here we are back in the middle of the 19th century, in a Puritan America under construction. After a traumatic childhood to say the least, Captain (N) Charles Boone has spent decades sailing the seas. After the death of his wife, he decides to return to his hometown, and moves with his three children to a mansion he inherited in a small town in Maine. But mysterious noises emanate from the building. And the locals don’t seem really happy to see a Boone settling in the area again. It must be said that according to the rumor, a macabre curse has touched the family for generations.

The stage is set. And he’s not cheating. We are in a series of atmospheres. A story of anguish marked with the seal of Stephen King. Not exactly spectacular or bloody in its approach to dread, but rather nagging. Chapelwaite take his time. Sometimes a little too much. The uninspired achievement doesn’t help, but the stunning historical setting always keeps us in the mood. The production is particularly careful. The original short story, written in epistolary form, has been completely revamped to last 10 episodes of 60 minutes. And Adrien brody takes care of the rest. The multifunction star of Wes Anderson shines in the skin of this father as charismatic as he is enigmatic, a silent character to whom he brings unfathomable depth, by turns bewitching and touching. Stephen King in the text, to round off this 2021 Mania Series in a grandiose way.

Chapelwaite, soon on Amazon Prime Video in France.

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