After a loss of 200,000 subscribers, Netflix cancels animation projects

Animation department director Phyl Rynda was fired.

Phyl RyndaNetflix’s Director of Creative and Original Animation Development was fired this week along with other members of his team, reports The Wrap. The reason: the section Kids & Family, for which multiple series are produced, has seen a talent drain overwhelm him. Indeed, if this section was previously the place of all possibilities for young creators, they saw their freedom gradually reduced and preferred to leave the ship, joining Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon or more promising sites like Prime Video or Apple TV+.

The currency of Phyl Rynda We want to be the home of everyone’s favorite show would have been replaced by that of the co-CEO of the platform, Reed Hasting : “ We want to do what the public wants to see “, Continues the American site. A saying much less hopeful. Concretely, the adaptation of the comic strip bone of Jeff Smith was cancelled, as was that of The Twitsthe novel by Roal Dahl. Series Toil and Trouble of Lauren Faust will not see the light of day either. Conversely, the site believes that the saga Baby Boss is the ideal to be declined on the platform, although it originally belongs to Dreamworks.

Netflix has lost 200,000 subscribers, the first in ten years

To justify these cancellations and validate their decision, some directors accuse Netflix of data manipulation. This is the case ofElizabeth Itothe director of city ​​of ghosts, animated series nominated for the Peabody Awards and yet canceled. Creators also complain about the poor promotion their projects suffer, sometimes starting only a month before release and failing in their potential success, since no expectation is created around these projects.

The announcement of the departure of Phyl Rynda coincides with that of the consequent loss of subscribers by the streaming service, which should continue in the months to come. However, not all animation projects are at a standstill on the platform, especially on the feature film side. After the warm welcome of Klaus or some Mitchell against the machines, Netflix prepares The Sea Monsteran ambitious adventure film for this summer, and has recovered minomathe aborted project of Blue Sky before it was closed by Disney. On the series side, it continues to manufacture “sure values”as Disenchanted or Jurassic World: the Cetacean campwhich have each had the right to 4 seasons since their launch.

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