After Better Call Saul Ends, Here’s What Bob Odenkirk Will Do

Season 6 of Better Call Saul will be "a firework" warns Bob Odenkirk

The actor will be an English teacher at a University of Pennsylvania for the new series Straight Man.

In a few weeks, Bob Odenkirk will say goodbye to Saul Goodman and an adventure he began 13 years ago in breaking Bad. The latest episodes of Better Call Saul will be broadcast in two parts, from Monday April 18 and then from July 11, in France on Netflix.

Better Call Saul: “Our ending will be very different from Breaking Bad’s” [interview]

At the end of the summer, it will therefore be time to move on for the 59-year-old actor, who already has a career plan: he has signed on to play the lead role in a new AMC series, titled Straight Man. A drama based on the novel by Richard Russo, written as “a tale about the midlife crisis”, which takes place on a fictional college campus in the Pennsylvania Rust Belt. Odenkirk will play William Henry Devereaux Jr., the unlikely chair of the faculty’s English department.

Aaron Zelman (Damages) and Paul Lieberstein (The Office) will be co-showrunners.

“I loved the vision of Paul and Aaron“, Explain Bob Odenkirk in a press release. “Again, this will be an AMC project focused on character depth and sensitivity. This (academic) background seems very relevant to the conversations we all have. I’m drawn to the novel’s tone of humanity and humor, and I look forward to playing that role.”

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