After Dopesick: how the Sackler family managed to cope [exclu]

Dopesick Sackler

“At the end of the day, they’ll be able to keep all their money and no one is going to go to jail,” explains disgustedly the creator of the Disney + miniseries, Danny Strong.

Impressive and heartbreaking tale of the opioid crisis that has ravaged America for twenty years, the miniseries Dopesick points out, without taking gloves, the Purdue Pharma laboratory and its owners, as those responsible for this health disaster. The Sackler family – and CEO Richard Sackler – appear in the drama that airs every Friday on Disney + as the instigators of this crisis.

The creator ofEmpire, Danny strong, who wrote Dopesick, however, explains to us that the pharmaceutical giant managed to get by when in September 2021, a New York federal judge approved an amicable settlement with the Sackler family, guaranteeing them a “world peace“facing any liability related to the opioid crisis.”Against a fine of 4.5 billion dollars, they are now exempt from all accountability“Strong explains to Première, horrified by this court decision which he considers completely under-proportioned:

“This judgment is seen by the whole world – except by the Sacklers – as a failure of justice. Once again, they got away with it and can no longer be targeted by a civil lawsuit. $ 5 billion sounds like a lot, on paper. The amount is consistent … Except that it will be paid over nine years! In short, they will earn more money each year in interest than they will pay in Fine! So at the end of the day they’re going to be able to keep all their money and no one is going to go to jail. “

Dopesick: the shocking Disney Plus series

Indignant, the creator of Dopesick considers that at the end of this legal procedure, “the only thing they’ve lost is their reputation. The Sackler family is without a doubt the most hated of the century in America! This is all that remains for their victims … “

Indeed, until the 1990s, the name “Sackler” was associated with some form of philanthropy across the Atlantic. The family behind Purdue have long donated their fortunes to hospitals and museums. A form of sponsorship now perceived in a completely different way, and since Dopesick thoroughly autopsy the dysfunctions of this system, which led to this national tragedy:

“I hope this series at least has the merit of raising awareness of the crimes of Purdue Pharma, and of bringing some form of justice … sort of. Or at least a form of satisfaction from openly pointing the finger at it. they did. “

It remains that beyond designating officials, Dopesick has this ambition to change the point of view of public opinion on addiction: “I also hope that this series will give a better understanding of what addiction is. What it does to people’s brains. How it messes up the connections in the brain and how complicated it is. ‘deliver “, continues Danny Strong. “People who are addicted are sometimes judged by thinking they are weak. Except that at one point, it becomes a real illness. And the series makes it possible to show different therapies or treatments that exist. This is an essential point of the series and I hope that this whole story will allow us to have understood at least that. “

Dopesick will end on December 17 on Disney +.

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