After Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo sees herself well on a streaming platform

Grey's Anatomy season 18

She is totally lucid about a hypothetical film career: “If you are a television actor or actress, you are labeled as a television actor or actress.”

She has just started her 18th season in Seattle. But one day, yes one day Ellen Pompeo will leave Grey’s Anatomy. As Mark Harmon ended up leaving NCIS. The star of the medical show will say goodbye to Meredith Gray … what next? What will she do with her career?

“Probably not movies”, she admits this week to Audacy’s Check In podcast. “No, because I know I don’t have a film career. I think I’ve said it before: our two businesses (TV and movies) are actually quite separate. If you are a television actor or actress, you are sort of categorized as a television actor or actress.. “

Even though the explosion of streaming has been a game-changer, offering new perspectives to Ellen Pompeo : “Streaming drastically changed that for us, thank goodness because a few years ago spending so much time in a mainstream series like Grey’s Anatomy, you will literally get condemned! This is certainly no longer the case today. So I probably wouldn’t do movies, per se, but I will definitely be streaming after Grey’s. From television, that’s what is most likely.

Grey’s Anatomy, season 18: Addison is back in the promo of episode 3

Ellen Pompeo does not say if she has a project in mind, but herself “is developing something right now … We’ll see if that happens or not. “

She also started her own production company, Calamity Jane, and recently runs a new podcast called Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo.

“I try to do different things, mix the genres a bit. I try to play on different boards and do new things. But I’m sure I’ll play again afterwards. Grey’s. Yes, no doubt about it! “

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