After his arrest, Ezra Miller’s DC projects put on stand-by

Studio executives are said to be reconsidering their collaborations with the actor recently arrested by police in Hawaii.

Following an incident in a karaoke bar in Hawaii at the end of March, Ezra Miller had been arrested by the local police, for bad behavior and harassment. His future now seems to be somewhat questioned in Hollywood. Warner Bros. and DC are currently discussing what to do with Miller’s future projects. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Warner Bros. and DC executives held an emergency meeting on March 30, 2022, during which they discussed Miller’s future with the studio.

Ezra Miller promises The Flash won’t erase the Snyderverse

It came out a “consensus“, on the will “pause“any future project involving Ezra Millerincluding any potential appearances in an upcoming DC Universe film.

The studio must already ensure the release of The Flashrecently pushed back to June 23, 2023. Rolling Stone notes that the production was already complicated, because Ezra Miller would have “frequently collapsed“Nothing violent, the publication clarifies, but Miller would have”cracked“several times during the filming of The Flashand that would not encourage the studio to continue with him…

Waiting for, Ezra Miller will be in the next blockbuster from Warner Bros. Fantastic Beasts 3which will be released in theaters next week.

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