After No Way Home, Tobey Maguire did not say goodbye to Spider-Man

“I don’t want to say that it was a way of closing this chapter of my life…”

Almost 20 years later, he put the suit back on. Tobey Maguire became Spider-Man again, the time of No Way Home, alongside Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield.

Why did he agree to come back? Because the producers, Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal managed to convince him of their “genuine intention to celebrate the franchise and these films, which mean a lot to them. And suddenly, I wanted to join that”, he tells Deadline.

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In the aftermath, Tobey Maguire suggests that the return of “his” Peter Parker in No Way Home may not be goodbye. Not really the definitive conclusion to his adventure as the weaver, but more as a way for fans to revisit the character and allow them to find answers after the end of Sam Raimi’s trilogy:

I enjoyed what was shared in this film with others. But it was also about revisiting what was part of my story and having a chance to come back to it. Because there are personal things, which are sorts of resolutions or a way to see (my Spider-Man) again… I don’t really know how to say it, but I wanted to come back to it and I don’t want to not to say that it was a way of closing this chapter of my life, but more of revisiting it by providing answers...”

Tobey Maguire therefore does not want to end its story with the weaver at all. Even with No Way Home. As if he still left a small door open, a chance to put on the costume of “his” Peter Parker one day.

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