After No Way Home, what kind of sequel could Spider-Man 4 be?

The arrival of Venom, the potential departure of Tom Holland, Miles Morales … Where will Spider-Man go?

Spider-Man: No Way Home Resets the counters for the Weaver and the character’s future within the MCU is now fully open. Let’s take stock of a few possible avenues for the future.

A reboot in continuity

The final scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home is enlightening enough: Peter Parker, forgotten by all, puts on the costume (very simple, the costume) of Spidey again and weaves his web above the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. The rest is written on its own: back to the sources of the comic book, Peter is a kid living in a seedy apartment who lives solo adventures. No girlfriend, no money, but great power – and therefore great responsibilities. A kind of stripped down reboot rather fun on the scale of the trilogy Homecoming, who deprived Tom Holland’s Spider-Man oforigin story. A new hero has just emerged, and he will have to forge his legend in his corner, without a mentor, far from the Avengers who gave him until now a reason to exist. From there, anything is possible. Only problem, and of size: if Kevin Feige ensures that the next Spider-Man film is already in development, Tom Holland does not seem so sure to want to put the costume back on.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Those who endured The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Still can’t believe it, but social networks are clamoring for the return of Andrew Garfield for The Amazing Spider-Man 3. After all why not ? Garfield is the one who seems to be having the most sincere fun in No Way Home and the actor had little to do with the franchise oven. Especially since No Way Home hints that he took a turn on the dark side for a while after Gwen Stacy’s death. A Spider-Man Dark, who wouldn’t want to see that?

A comeback by Tobey Maguire

Fourteen years later Spider-man 3So, Tobey Maguire was returning to play a mature Spider-Man in No Way Home. What if this was the opportunity for Marvel to relaunch Spider-Man 4 ? Obviously, the scenario at the time (Mysterio and the Vulture would have been the villains) should be completely rethought. But we would pay dearly to find a slightly aging Peter Parker (and therefore more experienced) who does stretching to relieve his back pain after having beaten the bad guy. And it would be an opportunity to shed light on the nature of his relationship with Mary Jane: No Way Home suggests that things are a little more complicated than expected … Besides Sam Raimi, now director of the MCU (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) could be convinced to make this abortive sequel.

Miles Morales

There must be a black Spider-Man out there somewhere “Electro tells Peter Parker / Andrew Garfield in No Way Home. A little nod for the fans or a real open door to Miles Morales? The character’s success in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Must tickle Marvel and Sony a little, and the sequel – in two parts – is set for 2022 and 2023. It is not forbidden to imagine that if Tom Holland does not come back, a new actor playing Miles will follow. The ideal to ensure continuity would even be for Holland to reprise the role for the duration of a film, just to form the new Spider-Man.


The post-credits scene sends Tom Hardy’s Venom back to his dimension before he even has time to figure out what he is doing there. But the symbiote leaves part of him in the MCU… Two possibilities: this symbiote is going to need a host to survive, which would mean that the MCU’s Venom will not be Tom Hardy’s. Or Eddie Brock will have to somehow have to return to this universe to find this lost piece, which sets the stage for the long-awaited crossover with Spider-Man. Impossible to know what Marvel and Sony will decide, but the two studios have obviously preferred to keep a pear for thirst.

A return to the Fantastic Four

Jon Watts, director of the trilogy Homecoming, currently working on a new version of the Fantastic Four, after those of Tim Story and Josh Trank. This time Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and the Thing will exist in the same universe as all of the other Marvel superheroes. And so Spider-Man… Do you see us coming? In the comics, Spidey joined the team at one point, while Johnny Storm passed the gun to the left. The best way to introduce the Fantastic Four without going through a traditional origin story might be to discover them through the eyes of Peter Parker.

Too much fan service in Spider-Man: No Way Home?

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