After Papicha, Lyna Khoudri finds Mounia Meddour for her film Houria

A first snapshot reveals the actress in her role as a classical dancer.

Three years after the release of papichacrowned Best first film at the César 2020, Mounia Meddour announces work on a new feature film, and reunites with its actress Lyna Khoudri. Noted in Cannes in The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson, Khoudri had been revealed to the general public in the skin of Nedjma, a stylist in the making, a prisoner of the diktats of feminine beauty in Algeria in the 1990s. A role which had earned her the César for best female hope. This time, she leaves aside the needles to put on the slippers, in the skin of a classical dancer in reconstruction.

Entitled Houriathe film already presents itself in a first shot of its main actress, dressed as a swan from the famous ballet by Tchaikovsky :

Papicha – Mounia Meddour: “It’s also a film about the life drive”

So few details surround the announcement of this upcoming film, we already know thanks to its distributor thatAmira Hilda Douaouda will also be on view. A second collaboration between the director and her after papichawhere the actress played Samira.

No other information has been given, so we will have to wait to find out the release date of this second feature film. Lyna Khoudri is currently in theaters in the film The place of another of Aurélie Georges since January 19.

Lyna Khoudri: “Papicha is a bit like my father”

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