After Spielberg, Guillermo Del Toro flops at the US box office

The two Oscar-winning filmmakers are struggling against the unparalleled competition from Spider-Man …

They were among the most anticipated films of the end of the year, and they will go down as two huge US box office flops in 2021: West Side Story and Nightmare alley failed to attract audiences to American theaters and will mark the careers of the two filmmakers for a long time.

Almost five years after The Shape of Water, which had won him a crowning glory at the Oscars, the new film by Guillermo Del Toro had a nightmarish start. This week-end, Nightmare alley, worn by Bradley Cooper, brought in a very low revenue of $ 2.9 million in a large park of more than 2,100 theaters across North America.

Already $ 587 million at the box office: the historic start of Spider-Man: No Way Home

A catastrophic opening, for the feature film in costume, filmed with a budget of $ 60 million. To compare, Crimson peak had opened at $ 13 million in 2017 and the latest Del Toro, The Shape of Water, had harvested as much as Nightmare alley but in three times fewer theaters for its launch weekend. Even more speaking, Le Labyrinthe de Pan, in 2006, had achieved 1 / 5th of its revenues ($ 600,000) in 123 times fewer cinemas (17 screens) …

Nightmare alley will therefore not achieve the same feat as The Shape of Water, which ended its career at $ 200 million in worldwide revenue

Corn Guillermo Del Toro isn’t the only flagship filmmaker struggling this year. Ridley Scott (The Last Duel) and Edgar Wright (Last Night in Soho) have suffered in recent weeks, just like Steven Spielberg and his West Side Story. The colossal $ 100 million remake confirms its poor start, falling another 67% in its second weekend at the US box office. brought in just $ 3.416 million. To date, the remake of the 1961 classic has only grossed $ 17.98 million in America.

The director at the two Oscars had not known such a miss since Munich in 2005.

And on arrival, West Side Story will join the very closed circle of big crashes of Steven spielberg at the US box office with 1941 ($ 31 million in 1979) and is expected to do little better than Empire of the Sun, the filmmaker’s worst score at home ($ 22 million in 1987), if we except Sugarland express, his first cinema film ($ 7.5 million in a very small park).

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