After The Eternals, Chloe Zhao teases her adaptation of Dracula

The Oscar winner for Nomadland takes on another fantastic entity.

After the success of Nomadland in 2020 and Eternals This year, Chloe zhao is one of the most popular American female directors in Hollywood. And this popularity should not stop with the filmmaker’s next project, an adaptation of Dracula, which she is slowly starting to tease, starting with a photo posted on Instagram.

This photo prepares fans for the impending production of this adaptation of the cult character of Bram Stoker, created in 1897, whose last screen appearance was in 2014 in Dracula Untold (with Luke Evans in the title role). An adaptation far from classic achievements, since Chloe Zhao relies on a completely new concept: Dracula will evolve in the universe of a futuristic western (after Variety).

“I have always been fascinated by vampires and the concept of the Other that they embody” she said in a statement. Signed at Universal for this new film, Zhao thought “very excited to be working with the Universal team to reimagine such a beloved character”.

As a reminder, his recent achievement The Eternals has already gathered 1,455,865 spectators in France, after four weeks of operation. His trailer:

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