Alain Delon says he is “shattered” by the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo

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“Destroyed”, the 85-year-old actor confides: “It would be nice if we both left together …”

They were the two most beautiful rivals of French cinema. Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon have often been brought face to face, like the two biggest sacred monsters of the big screen in France. Gathered in 1970 for Borsalino, they had become friends and the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo this September 6 clearly devastated Alain Delon.

Joined by our colleagues at CNews, the 85-year-old actor admits to being “completely devastated … I’m going to try to hang in there so as not to do the same thing in five hours … Mind you, it wouldn’t be bad if we both left together. It’s a part of my life .. . We started together 60 years ago (…) We are the same age, it will soon happen to me too, get ready “.

Referring to his on-screen rivalry with Bébel, Alain Delon abstract : “I was no more than him, he was no more than me“.

On Europe 1, the actor said to himself “smashed“after the loss of sound”friend“. Already very touched by the disappearance of Mireille Darc in 2017, Alain Delon concludes with a tight throat: “He’s a colleague, we’ve known each other for 60 years, worked together and been so close to each other. I am upset.”

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