Alain Delon will not finally have his star in Hollywood (Update)

Charles Aznavour is the last French artist to have had this honor, in 2017.

Update of August 11, 2021: Contrary to what was announced yesterday, Alain Delon was not nominated to receive his star on the Walk of Fame: Ana Martinez, who works for the Hollywood Boulevard all-star committee, strongly denied this info, on Twitter : “It’s not true, he has never been appointed. You can only consider a request if it is officially made, but this never happened. I am surprised that Paris Match wrote this without calling us for confirmation. “For the moment, Charles Aznavour therefore remains the last French artist to have obtained such an award.

News of August 10, 2021: Paris Match reveals thatAlain Delon is going to have his star on Hollywood Boulevard. The ceremony is scheduled for next March, before the Oscars 2022, and the actor has planned to go there with his children, Anthony, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien Delon.

Among the 2,600 stars of the Walk of Fame, only about twenty French artists have been honored by Hollywood, including Jean Renoir, Michèle Morgan and Maurice Jarre, the last being Charles Aznavour, a year before his death, in 2017. C ‘ is therefore a consecration for the actor of Full Sun, The Cheetah, The Swimming Pool and Mr. Klein, which received an honorary Palme d’Or at the 2019 Cannes film festival.

Other names have recently been announced by the Walk of Fame All-Star Committee, including Carrie Fisher, expected to be posthumously honored soon.

The Swimming Pool as told by Jean-Claude Carrière

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